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Commercial Insurance in Illinois

Taking financial responsibility for the needs of your business can sometimes require an insurance policy that is designed to address your personal goals and concerns in Illinois. The coverage that you want or need for your company may vary, but an independent agency like the Martin Insurance Team can help you evaluate your goals and select a policy that is appropriate for your situation.

Illinois Commercial Auto Policies

Auto insurance is required whenever when you own a car. Generally, you must have coverage for liability and uninsured motorists. Additional coverage may be appropriate when you are concerned about the possibility of a lawsuit after an employee gets into an accident or if you are worried about the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Liability Plans

Liability protection is a necessity for any business, though the exact concerns that may arise can vary. Generally, a policy will protect against accidents that occur on company property, mistakes that an employee makes or other liability risks that may arise. You should always purchase a general liability policy to protect your company from common risks.

Property Coverage for a Company

Company property can face risks that you want to protect against when you own a business. Generally, a property policy will pay for the damages to the property after a storm, fire or similar problem arises. It may also provide some basic liability protection against accidents that occur on company property.

Workers Comp in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, every employer is required to purchase worker's compensation insurance if they have hired an employee. If you are planning to hire an employee or several employees, then it is important to protect them with the right insurance policy. The amount of coverage that you will want to purchase will depend on the type of business that you own and the risks that are associated with the company.

Business Owner Packages

Protecting your company does not always require a large amount of insurance. A business owner package, or BOP, is a plan that provides some protection against liability concerns and property. Since it is a basic policy, it may or may not be appropriate for the needs of your business.

There are a variety of policies that can protect your business, but the best plan will depend on the goals that you have set and the coverage that you need. An independent agent can help you identify the policies that are best for your situation and your company goals.

Why work with Martin insurance:

  • Insurance is unlike any other product out there - you pay for it and hope you never have to use it. And that makes paying more than you need to that much more uncomfortable.
  • With a policy from Martin Insurance Team, you can keep your insurance costs low with the wide variety of discounts we offer. Keep in mind, not all discounts are available in every state. The best way to get all that you qualify for is to get an insurance quote specific to your area.
  • You can get a rough "ballpark" insurance quote from many companies online, but talking with an agent allows you to ask questions and get a quote for coverage that matters most to you. An agent can prepare a quote that details the coverage, deductibles (your portion of a loss) and cost (premium) of your insurance policy.